Company HR managers, mobility managers, and CSR / QSE face 3 major challenges in setting up truly effective mobility plans for their employees:
Understanding real mobility needs on a daily and hourly basis

Having KPIs to measure results and beginning a process of continuous improvement

Engaging and supporting changes in employee behavior

Wever is quick, global mobility

In response to these challenges, Wever deploys platforms that combine:
  • A classification of real travel needs
  • A dynamic creation of mobility plans that combine offerings (parking, carpooling, intermodality, etc.)
  • Incentive programs to support users, companies, and communities in changing behavior
More than a prescribed response to the Corporate Mobility Plan, Wever promotes the competitiveness and attractiveness of companies and territories with tailor-made mobility between urban, peri-urban and rural areas.

wever is mobility for all


Makes the company more attractive

A Corporate Mobility Plan that works


Efficient, innovative mobility services

Relevant KPIs for better management

Mobility stakeholders

Optimizes the existing mobility offering

Integration into the mobility value chain

Optimum intake and distribution of users

Appropriate partnerships


Reward behavior change

More predictable, smoother trips

Continuous interactions for more personalization

Reward programs

They say yes wever !

Marie-Noëlle MESNAGE

Human Resources Manager Transdev Group (Île de France)

« After starting to work on the Mobility Plan with the resources available internally to understand the needs of employees (questionnaires, interviews, etc.), we immediately understood that Wever was made for us and that the startup would provide us with the tools we needed. »

wever, commitment and concrete results

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